My Life as a Frankie

Last week when I had my job trial at a BBQ joint (and got rejected), the manager named me Frankie because “Fikar” was too hard to say for most people here. I kinda agreed with her, because everytime I said my name people were like, “Pardon?”

I’m tired of that, so I think Frankie would be a perfect name. Now many people don’t know my real name, including my new bosses. Uh ya, I (finally) got a job! It’s at a Mediterranean restaurant & bar in Northcote, 25 minutes from the city by tram. The menu’s dominated by Spanish & Italian foods, alongside some cuisines from Greece, Cyprus, and Morocco. Owned by an Indian guy & a Vietnamese lady. My other fellow waiters are pretty cool, so I think I’ll love working there.

First Day at Work

My first day at work was last Friday, and to be really honest… I wanted to quit at the fourth hour. Not that I don’t like the place, the job, or the bosses, but I was asked to do something I had never done in my life:

  • change light bulbs on a high ceiling;
  • lift some motherfucking-heavy gas tubes;
  • clean up a super messy warehouse room;
  • vacuum a very dusty sofa; and
  • mop the whole floor & backyard.

I was shocked at the beginning, but thankfully everything went well even though the situation was kind of hectic. I just tried to remember why I was there in the first place. I craved for this job; so now I have to do it to feed my mouth and pay the bills. Things got better after everything was all set. I helped Tobi, a German guy who works as a bartender, at the bar to serve the drinks, clean the table, and wash the glasses. He taught me some stuffs about making simple drinks. I also helped to take orders, serve the foods, and handle the payment. I enjoyed that kind of job more, and to be really honest… I was happy doing that! I liked talking to people, pouring the water while introducing myself, and taking their dirty dishes after knowing that they loved the foods.

Second Day at Work

Last Saturday I finished working at 00.30. It was a 8.5-hours of washing & polishing hundred of glasses, aaannd… hosting a very lovely birthday function!

Table decoration for the birthday function

Two Sri Lankan (I think) ladies conducted a birthday party for their 80-years-old father. I was responsible for two long tables, including the birthday guy’s one. I welcomed them, took the order, served the foods, cleaned up the tables, and being nice and smiley all the time. I also managed to memorize 17 different beer & cider brands, plus some wines and their taste characteristic to prepare myself if they ask me something about the drinks. Everything went perfect (I didn’t break or drop anything, just in case you’re wondering), except one of the guest’s medium-rare steak that turned to be a well-done. I don’t know whose fault was that, could be me or the cook.

They were happy with the foods & service! After everybody went home, the ladies and their gentlemen stayed for more drinks and dances. They grabbed me from my dish washing machine and asked me dance together, from Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious”, Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, until David Guetta & Sia’s “Titanium”. Together with them, I also had a drink with my bosses and some fellow waiters. That made my second day way better than the first one, even though my bones still felt like falling apart. But thank God I got a box of pepperoni pizza (staffs get free meal after work), so I had a reason not to whine.

Third Day at Work

It was today. Actually the restaurant is closed until this Thursday for a renovation and management change. I was asked to come to help them with the preparation (read: cleaning up everything and moving things from front to back, and from upstairs to downstairs).

My masterpiece
My masterpiece

Surprisingly, I liked what I did. That involved plates wrapping & unwrapping, cleaning up the super huge garbage, “taking care” of the rotten foods, arranging the storage room, and brushing a giant ice box. It felt so productive, and I hope what I did helped them. I really can’t wait to “reopen” the restaurant this Friday with the new concept and menu (that means I have to memorize them, haha). My boss said this Thursday there will a party for the employees, so I’m excited about that!

Beside working my ass off at the restaurant, I also still manage my “old hobby” to hangout from one restaurant to another. I have visited some of them in Melbourne, and already decided my favorites. I really love Le Bon Ton, a BBQ joint in Collingwood area. Correct, this is where I had my job trial and was called Frankie for the first time. Yesterday I went there with my friend, and it was (literally) a happy meal. Nicole, the manager, welcomed me back to the restaurant, but this time as a real customer. We had Texas chili fries with a really sharp cheddar sauce, buttermilk fried chicken (crispy outside, moist inside), and its famous tender angus beef. It was my best dining experience in Melbourne, I think.

Damn, I’m hungry again! Damn, Le Bon Ton!

I also love Green Refectory, a café in Brunswick East. It sells cheap pies and desserts, all around $3-4. Crazy, right? And they’re all delicious. I’ve been there three times, and my favorite is its steak and cheese pie. Next time I go there, I have to try the dessert, from muffins to huge slices of tart.

Pretty spot at Green Refectory
Pretty spot at Green Refectory

Speaking about desserts, Pidapipo Gelateria is the answer of everything. It was only $4 (single scoop, same price as regular ice creams at 7-Eleven) or $6 (double scoop). It has both dairy and non-dairy gelato. A must-visit place if you’re here!


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