Why I Turned Down My First Job Offer in Sydney

That morning I felt very sharp. I was wearing my best white shirt and business pants & shoes, walking down William Street. Confidently. I was heading to my job trial as a waiter at a prestigious tea room in the city. I felt lucky, because it was only my second day in Sydney. It usually took me a week or two to get a job trial every time I moved to a new city. I even got this trial invitation two weeks prior my arrival in New South Wales (I previously lived in Queensland).

I turned left to Pitt Street and finally arrived at Queen Victoria Building, one of the most iconic buildings in Sydney where the tea room is located. I was sure I’d do well at the job trial. I have some prior experiences in hospitality business and my English is very good.

But my confidence level dropped down when meeting the restaurant manager, a petite Asian lady named Grace. I disliked her since the first second I saw her. She seemed bitchy, bully, and disrespectful. And my feeling was 100% correct.

On the tenth minute I was assigned to carry a tray full of tea cups to a table. When I picked it from the bar, I forgot to grab the tea spoons… every new staff’s common mistake. Instead of talking politely to me about what I did wrong, Grace furiously scolded me in front of some customers.

“Where’s the spoons?!” she really sounded like Cinderella’s step mom, I swear to God.

“Oh, sorry,” I quickly grabbed them from the bar and put them on my tray.

“Never, ever forget the spoons!” her eyes were about to pop out.

I mean, bitch, it was the first tray I had to deliver. Can’t I forget something? No one has ever treated me like that on a job trial, because it was a fucking trial. Every restaurant manager shouldn’t treat any unpaid trial staff as their own employee. And every trial staff needs some time to familiarize themselves with everything in the restaurant, and it was only my first ten minutes. If she didn’t like me, she should’ve just asked me to go home without talking shit to me like that.

This “tea palace” has a bitchy princess.

I tried not to take it personally and kept doing my job. But she was so distracting, especially when she got mad to a waiter because he wrote the order wrongly. Instead of bringing this waiter to the back, she decided to emotionally yelled at him at the restaurant’s entrance. Very unprofessional. I had a shitty boss when I was in Melbourne, but he never treated the staffs like that. I was pretty sure Grace would be shittier than him.

My feeling was right again. A few minutes later, Grace who was enjoying her nice free lunch in a table snapped her fingers to me, asked me to come to her like I was one of her slaves. Yes, she fucking snapped her fingers and shouted, “Hey!”

I quickly walked to her table. “Yes, Grace?”

“Do you see that table 8 is leaving?” she looked villainous.

I looked at table 8. There were a tea pot & two cups there. “Oh yes, I just saw that.”

She didn’t stop there. “MAYBE… maybe it needs to be cleaned up. Don’t you think so?!”

Oh God I still clearly remember her annoying voice. “Yes, I’ll clean it up now.”

“Why did it take you so long? Do I need to hire an assistant to remind you every job you must do?” she continued.

Bitch, please. The customers just left a few seconds ago and I was busy doing something else. That was the moment I realized I didn’t want to work with and for her. But I wanted to finish the trial to fulfill my curiosity. I wanted to know if I’d get hired or not.

So yeah, I did get hired. And this is the most interesting part of this story.

We sat down in one of the table, she talked shit about the employment procedure at the restaurant. And finally she said, “I’ve talked to other waiters and barista… they like working with you. But I actually don’t. Well anyway, you’re hired and you can start next week.”

This is my chance, I said to myself. I had to give this asshole a lesson she’d never forget. So I told her, “Oh, the feeling is mutual. I like everyone here but you.”

“Excuse me?” she looked surprised.

I continued, “Thanks for hiring me, but no… I’m not taking the job. I have a standard, and my standard says I’m not gonna work with you. Now excuse me.”

I left her speechless, and I was happy as hell. Not entirely happy, because I actually wanted to work there. Every staff was nice to me, and the salary is good. But I’m not coming to this beautiful city to work under her thumb. Life isn’t all about setting target; it’s also about having standard. If something doesn’t fulfill my standard, so no… I’m not gonna take it. And as a boss, Grace is below my standard.

I’m not coming to this beautiful city to work under her thumb. Life isn’t all about setting target; it’s also about having standard. If something doesn’t fulfill my standard, so no… I’m not gonna take it. And as a boss, Grace is below my standard.

However I’m glad that I did that. Now I work at Meriton Serviced Apartment as a room attendant. My job is to make the hotel rooms presentable for the guest. I make up the bed, stock the amenities & mini bar, and make the whole room smell good. I like the job. The supervisors are nice, and the working environment is pleasant (although most staffs can’t really speak English). Most importantly, no one will treat me like how Grace did.

11 thoughts on “Why I Turned Down My First Job Offer in Sydney

  1. I’ve been reading your blog since your first post, and I always like it! This one is a great piece. Have fun in Sydney, Fikar.


  2. hahahaha,,,,, tiap aku baca tulisanmu yang aku bayangin kita lagi ngobrol tiduran di depan tv sampe malem dengerin kamu cerita kayak yang kita biasa lakuin kalo lagi ngumpul di rumahmu. trus udah malem kamu ninggal kami semua tidur


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