About Zulfikar


Zulfikar Fahd is a Canada-based public relations practitioner, working at a communications firm in downtown Toronto. Early 2018 he fled his home country, Indonesia, fearing persecution towards LGBTQI+ people like him. He shared his story as an asylum seeker through some international media, including Reuters & VICE, and a book he’s currently writing. He landed a non-fiction deal with a US-based publisher, scheduled for publication in Spring 2019.

As he’s now safe and sound in one of the most progressive countries in the world, he’s rebuilding his life piece by piece. He started building his Canadian networks in Ottawa, where he met the lovely Hayes-Crooks who are now “adopting” him into their family. He was also very lucky to land a job he enjoys and work with bunch of lovely colleagues.

He lives in his cozy apartment in The Annex, one of Toronto’s coolest neighbourhood, with his flatmate Rhiema and his puppy Phoebe Buffay-Fahd.

One thought on “About Zulfikar

  1. Hi Mas Zulfikar,

    I’m truly amazed with your experiences and stories. Frankly I do really want to move at other country for ages since back in Indonesia LGBT seems like hurricane or diseases for most Indonesian. I got depressed somehow when thinking of my mom, how does her feelings when she got captivated me as a Gay. Nonetheless, My youngest brother had known and noticed that I’m a gay for few years back and gladly he still accepted me as his bro. Would you mind to give an advices how do I could get accessibility to live and work at Canada, since I’m hopeless here. Your story quite moved and inspired me, genuinely.

    Terima kasih banyak Mas Zulfikar buat waktu untuk feedbacknya nanti.


    Mochamad Ariadi Besar


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